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3/4/21:  Due to COVID-19, please refer to the Grant County Superior Court website at http://www.grantcountywa.gov for the latest updates on court hearings, procedures, and WebEx links.

Readiness Hearings will be held every Monday to decide if a case is ready for trial on Wednesday of that same week. Usually, no more than one of the cases below will go to trial each week.

This website will be updated as best as possible to show the status of cases for the week of trial. The Victim/Witness Unit has established this page so that you can check whether a case was continued, pled out, or is going to trial. This page is updated within minutes when we find out for sure what is happening with each case. 

If no decision has been made on your case, check back again later - or you can call 509-754-2011 ext. 3950. You may also be able to find more information on the Washington Courts website at http://dw.courts.wa.gov/

Criminal Trials Set for June 29, 2022

 Candelario Martinez
  Pled guilty
 Alex Alvizurez
  Continued to 7/13/22
 Adalberto Valdez
  Continued to 8/17/22
 Jadin Ramirez
  Continued to 9/21/22
 Julian Beauchamp Ortega
  Continued to 7/20/22
 Slade Hardesty-Fortner
  Continued to 7/20/22
 Brandi Jones
  Continued to 7/20/22
 Cory Woodruff
  Dismissed without prejudice
 David Whitmer
  Pled guilty

Criminal Trials Set for June 23, 2022

 Brent Reiner
 Continued to 7/20/22
 Jose Daniel Sanchez
 Continued to 8/10/22
 Ronald Zigan
 Continued to 7/7/22

Criminal Trials Set for June 15, 2022

 Julian Beauchamp Ortega
  Continued to 6/29/22
 Gaige Sebens
  Continued to 7/20/22
 Jonathan Anderson
  Continued to 7/27/22

Explanation of Terms

READY FOR TRIAL - This case is one of possibly many cases that are ready to go to trial. Normally only one case will go to trial each week. Witnesses need to be prepared to testify at trial as per their subpoenas. Contact our office for more information.

GOING TO TRIAL - This case is going to trial this week. Witnesses are needed to testify. Contact our office for more information as to the general time when you will need to appear.

PLED GUILTY - The defendant has changed his/her plea from not-guilty to guilty.  Witnesses are no longer needed in this case.  The only outstanding issues on the case may be sentencing and/or restitution.

CONTINUED TO (DATE) - The case has been continued to the trial start date indicated.  A readiness hearing will be held 2 days prior (usually on Mondays, except during holiday weeks.)  Witnesses are still needed and should check back with the prosecutor's office after the readiness hearing date to see whether the case is proceeding to trial that week or not.

STRICKEN - The trial date has been cancelled. Witnesses may still be needed in the future. Please contact our office for more information.

BENCH WARRANT - The defendant did not appear and a warrant was issued for his/her arrest.  Witnesses are still needed on this case.  New subpoenas will likely be issued once the defendant is brought in on the warrant and a new trial date is set.

DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE- The case has been dismissed and there will be no further proceedings on this case. Witnesses are no longer needed.

DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE - Dismissed with the potential for the case to be re-filed by the prosecutor at a later date. Witnesses are no longer needed at this time.