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Borrow a book!

The Victim/Witness Unit has many resources available to help you understand crime and victimization and to help you cope and recover from victimization.  You can view a complete list of resources by clicking here, or you can view descriptions of many of them below. 

The resources have been divided into the following categories:

CB - Childrens book - great resources to read with your child

WB - Workbook - to help you work through and understand feelings and emotions.  If you borrow a workbook, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN IT!

PS - Personal Study - a slightly longer book to increase your understanding of the subject

TB - Text Book - academic and usually meant for professionals, but can be borrowed by anyone

VHS - VHS video tape

DVD - DVD video


Sexual Assault Resources


Miss America By Day, Marilyn Van Derbur - PS

A wonderful book where the author describes her experience with and recovery from incest.





  I Never Called it Rape, Robin Warshaw - PS

  The classic, groundbreaking report funded by the National Institute for Mental Health on date and acquaintance rape - featuring a new Foreward by the author that confronts the date rape backlash and recent controversies on campuses and beyond. 



  What About Me?, Grant Cameron - PS

  A guide for men helping female partners deal with childhood sexual abuse.






  Beyond Betrayal, Richard B. Gartner, Ph. D. - PS

  Taking charge of your life after boyhood sexual abuse.






  It Happened to Me, Wm. Lee Carter, Ed. D. - WB

  A teen's guide to overcoming sexual abuse.

Children's Books


  A Terrible Thing Happened, Margaret M. Holmes - CB

  A story for children who have witnessed violence or trauma.





  Jenny is Scared, Carol Shuman - CB

  A story to help children deal with sad or frightening things that occur in the world.






  Someone Hurt Me, Susan Cavaciuti - CB

  A story that encourages abused children to work through their feelings and aids them in the healing process.

Victim Service Provider Resources


  Breath of Relief, Karl LaRowe - WB

  Exercises to help calm the mind to cope with compassion fatigue/secondary traumatic stress syndrome.





  Ethics in Victim Services, Melissa Hook - TB







  Shared Grace, Marion Bilich, Susan Bonfiglio, & Steven Carlson - TB

  A guide to collaboration between therapists and clergy.







  Effective Treatments for PTSD, ed. Edna B. Foa - TB

  Practice Guidelines from the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies.







  Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children, Richard Kagan, Ph.D. - TB

  A therapeutic guide to helping troubled children move beyond the traumatic experiences that haunt them.  Real Life Heros workbook also available.





  Helping Kids Heal, Rebecca Carman -WB

  75 activities to help chilren recover from trauma and loss.

Trauma Resources


  Your Surviving Spirit, Dusty Miller, Ed. D - WB

  A spriritual workbook for coping with trauma.






  Healing the Trauma of Abuse, Mary Ellen Copeland & Maxine Harris - WB

  A gentle, step-by-step guide for women.








  Growing Beyond Survival, Elizabeth G. Vermilyea, M.A. - WB

  A self-help toolkit for managing traumatic stress.






The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D. - WB

A guide to healing, recovery, and growth